Yamaha Slider Review

Yamaha Slider ReviewThere really is nothing else like it!

For the 21st century, Yamaha’s ground-breaking new Slider scooter is ready to offer a new generation of teenage riders all over Europe the opportunity to be part of a whole new scootering experience.

We’ve listened closely to what Europe’s teenagers have been telling us. Then we’ve gone back to the drawing board and translated what we have heard on the street into a totally new concept aimed straight at the hardcore Fun-Sport scooter rider.

Yamaha Slider Review

Rugged stripped-down bodywork

Like we said, the Slider is like nothing else out on the street, and you only need to take a look at its lightweight stripped-down bodywork to see just what we’re talking about!

To save weight we’ve cut away anything that wasn’t absolutely necessary, and what we’re left with is the absolute minimum amount of tough, resilient bodywork. At the front end the Slider features a separate lightweight front mudguard, and the legshields are shaved back tight into the chassis for reduced width – a feature which extends the rider’s legroom and gives greater freedom of movement.

No bodywork extends forward of the headlight, and the totally exposed front forks emphasise that this is one scooter that’s small on talk and big on action!

This drive to keep weight right down has helped us create a functional-looking machine without a gramme of excess weight that’s designed to deliver high agility in tight situations.

Large and flat footboard area

Slider’s large and flat footboard area offers the rider plenty of potential to adopt different riding styles for different situations – while the ‘V’ shaped legshields taper into the front section of the footboard to allow the rider’s feet to extend beyond the legshields.

Easy-to-replace side protector pads

There’s also something else on the Slider that you won’t find on other scooters. And that’s the four specially-designed protector pads that are fitted to the sides of this rugged scooter. Mounted on each side of the tapered legshields and on both sides of the dual seat, these tough plastic protectors are easy to remove and replace.

Yamaha have developed a wide range of accessories for the Slider – described more fully in a later section – and this range includes different coloured protectors as well as a choice of various footboard ends, allowing owners to customise their Slider in minutes.

Short-wheelbase chassis with long-travel suspension

With an ultra-short wheelbase of only 1202mm, the Slider’s chassis is the most compact currently used on a Yamaha scooter – a feature which makes for high levels of agility in a typically congested urban situation.

We’ve also equipped the Slider with some seriously long-travel suspension. Running with large-diameter 33mm tubes and giving a generous 120mm of wheel movement, the heavy-duty telescopic hydraulic front forks are built to withstand just about whatever Europe’s streets – and kerbs – can throw at them. And for firm roadholding the Slider is equipped with a single rear shock offering 100mm of travel.

Lightweight large-diameter wheels with wide tyres

To complement its compact short-wheelbase chassis, the Slider runs with lightweight aluminium wheels that keep unsprung weight low in order to allow the long-travel suspension to work efficiently. The large 12-inch diameter front wheel runs with a 190mm disc brake and a chunky 120/80-12 tyre, while the smaller-diameter 10-inch rear wheel is fitted with an even wider 130/90-10 tyre.

Most of today’s scooters run with the same diameter front and rear wheels, and this special combination of a 12-inch front wheel and 10-inch rear wheel further emphasise the trend-setting Slider’s unique utilitarian looks and agile feel.

High-performance 50cc 2-stroke engine

Powering the new Slider is a free-revving 50cc 2-stroke air-cooled engine that has been set to pump out class-leading acceleration.

At only 72kg, the Slider’s low weight combined with its high-performance engine ensure that the Slider has the ability to keep ahead of the traffic when accelerating away from the lights, and its agile handling performance makes it one of the quickest ways of moving around the city at any time of day or night.

Special features

Just about everywhere you look on the Slider you will see plenty of clear evidence that this high-function machine has been very thoughtfully
designed by our European-based development team.

Its long, well-padded dual seat allows a variety of solo riding styles, and comfortably accommodates a passenger when required. Underneath the seat there’s a convenient compartment to carry a lock – and the rear bodywork incorporates a specially-shaped section that performs the role of a grab bar.

The 6.5 litre fuel tank gives plenty of riding time in between fill-ups, and the Slider’s minimal instrumentation and exposed motorcycle-type handlebars enhance its rugged stripped-down design.

Yamaha Slider Model Profile

• Unique new scooter concept

• Radical ‘stripped-down’ lightweight construction

• Weighs only 72kg

• Aggressively-styled utilitarian image

• Impact-resistant bodywork

• Easy-to-replace bodywork protectors

• Large, flat skateboard-inspired footboard

• Aimed at young teenage urban riders

• Most extreme model in ‘Fun Sport’ scooter category

• Powerful 50cc 2-stroke engine

• Vivid acceleration

• Fully-automatic transmission

• Ultra-rugged pure-street chassis

• Compact overall dimensions

• Short 1202mm wheelbase

• Extra-wide front and rear tyres

• Large-diameter 190mm front disc brake

• High ground clearance, 185 mm

• Long-travel front (120mm) and rear suspension (100mm)

• Large-capacity 6.5 litre fuel tank

• Lock storage space under seat

• Powerful 35/35W headlight

• Minimalist instrumentation

• Easy to customise to an individual specification

• Wide range of Yamaha genuine accessories available

Yamaha Slider Accessory Range

Aged between 14 and 16, the target customer for the new Slider is the kind of person who is going to want to personalise his scooter with a range of

Here are the main accessories which have already been developed for the Slider:

Headlight protector, metallic front and rear bumpers, legshields, removable footplates, footpegs, handlebar with hand protectors Supermotard-style,
removable side protectors, foam kneepad, fork preload kit, bodywork parts – Carbon; Kevlar & Titanium look.

Yamaha Slider: Born on the street

Designed and manufactured in Europe for riders who know exactly what they want and who know exactly what they are doing, the Slider
is a highly functional piece of machinery that is built to deliver the goods!

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