Yamaha R1 Review

Yamaha R1 Review

Yamaha R1 ReviewWho says its impossible to have sex on two wheels! Well its probably because the R1 has some of the sharpest looking body work…and handling to match.

Yamaha have now moved the goal posts and this just leaves the other competition standing still with its 1000cc engine, which pumps out an incredible 140 bhp at the rear wheel. The bike is enclosed in a 600 size chassis and weighing in at a 177Kg.

When aboard the R1, it doesn’t matter who you are the bike looks like a mini – moto, but nothing can prepare you for this brain masher of a ride, on bigger A roads the bike is stable and feels planted at the front but once turning in
the bike it doesn’t turn as neutrally as say the blade, and has a tendency to run a little wide, but getting off the throttle will bring the bike back in. A steady throttle hand is needed as being too heavy handed on the twisties can have the bike stepping out. A better tyre may improve this. On the back roads the bike very rarely gets out of third gear as the engine is so powerful and requires full commitment from the rider, and being able to think well ahead especially on virgin roads is a must.

This bike can make anyone look good at wheelies as they are easily done in 1st and 2nd off the throttle, and with a little dab of the clutch in 3rd. This bike will wheelie until either you run out of road or until you get bored with them. Ha ha!!!!

Though it is possible to be faster on a 600cc bike round the corners, the R1 will eat them for breakfast on the straight’s, this is what people who buy 1000cc sports bikes want and you can see that by the sales of the R1, they are selling more than the Blade and the TL put together. Everywhere you look there are R1’s, especially blue ones. Not yet satisfied, Yamaha have now released the Y2K model which is supposed to handle a lot better due to its new fork set up, and also with the engine being fixed better with the chassis. Don’t despair if you have the old model with a few minor tweaks to the suspension and by reworking the forks you will still have a mean piece of kit that will keep up with the new boys.

So go on treat yourself to the experience of a lifetime. You won’t be disappointed.

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