Yamaha – New XVS125 Drag Star

Yamaha – New XVS125 Drag Star:


Yamaha’s new entry-level V-twin cruiser

In the last few years the demand for 125cc motorcycles has expanded massively as new legislation in certain European
countries has allowed car licence holders to ride machinery upto 125cc.

Yamaha: The major force in the 125 class

Yamaha has been a major force in the 125cc category for many years, and currently offers one of the widest ranges of machinery available.

One of the most popular types of machine with new riders is the custom motorcycle, and Yamaha’s XV125 Virago is currently a strong seller in this important class. With its V-twin engine, low seat height and natural riding position, the smallest Virago has been one of the best ways to get started on two

New Drag Star 125

Joining the popular XV125 for the new season is the all-new Yamaha Drag Star 125, a high quality V-twin cruiser styled just like Yamaha’s larger-capacity Drag Stars, and featuring a distinctive long and low chassis, raked-out forks and a real big-bike feel about it.

XVS125 Drag Star Engine

Reliable, powerful and economical 4-stroke V-twin

Like all of Yamaha’s Drag Star models right up to the top of the range XVS1100, the new entry-level Drag Star 125 is powered by a good-looking air-cooled 4-stroke V-twin engine.

Virago-based engine with 26% more power 

This ultra-reliable powerplant is based on the highly successful engine used in the XV125 Virago, and it has undergone a large number of significant changes which have boosted power by nearly over 26%.

Excellent performance with impressive economy

Running a bore and stroke of 41mm x 47mm, this economical engine delivers plenty of torque for cruising at lower speeds around town. However, the new Drag Star is also a strong performer out on the highway, thanks to its BDS26 carburettor equipped with a Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) which ensures excellent fuel economy and efficient combustion throughout the rpm range.

Uprated engine internals

The main changes which have boosted the Drag Star’s power output (compared to the XV125 Virago) include revised cylinder head porting, a higher 11:1 compression ratio, a new-design piston and modified intake and exhaust valves.

Quiet running

Other changes to the engine include reshaped cylinder head fins, thicker crankcase and engine case walls, and a new silent-running cam chain, making the Drag Star’s engine one of the quietest in the class.

Twin over-and-under mufflers

The Drag Star 125 is also equipped with a large-capacity air intake situated to the side of the engine, and is fitted with a pair of free-breathing over-and-under mufflers which run along the bike’s right side.

13ps @ 10,000rpm

These modifications work together to deliver 13ps at 10,000rpm, giving this beautifully-styled new 125 cruiser lively performance that will keep the rider and passenger ahead of the traffic in town, and will give this new 125 a strong cruising speed on the open road.

Improved shift feel

As well as the boost in performance compared to the 125 Virago, the new Drag Star 125 engine is also equipped with a needle bearing on the shift shaft, which together with a redesigned gear pedal and linkage ensures super-smooth shifting.

XVS125 Engine Technical Highlights

• Air-cooled V-twin SOHC 4-stroke

• Uprated and modified version of XV125 Virago engine

• Power output increased by over 26% to 13ps @ 10,000 rpm

• Higher low to mid-range performance

• New silent-running camchain

• Increased compression ratio of 11:1

• Reshaped inlet tract

• New-style cylinder head cooling fins

• Redesigned piston for improved combustion efficiency

• New thicker-wall crankcases and engine cases

• New-design intake and exhaust valves

• Needle bearing on shift shaft

• Improved shift feeling

• New XVS650 type air-intake on right side

• New BDS26 carburettor equipped with TPS

• Twin free-breathing over-and-under mufflers

XVS125 Drag Star Chassis

Long and low cruiser chassis

Yamaha’s larger capacity Drag Stars are some of the best selling machines in the middleweight category, and Yamaha anticipate that the new Drag Star 125 will enjoy the same success in the entry-level class.

Raked-out front forks

What differentiates Yamaha’s XVS line from other models is the ultra-long and low chassis design and raked out front forks featured on every model from 125cc up to 1100cc.

All-new chassis

While the Drag Star 125 engine can trace its origins to the highly successful XV125 Virago, the chassis is all new, and has been constructed to the same basic design as featured on the larger Drag Stars.

The frame is of a double-cradle tubular design which ensures exceptional chassis rigidity, and the extra-long wheelbase of 1520mm accentuates the ‘stretched’ cruiser image.

35mm diameter fork tubes

Offering a generous 140mm of wheel travel, the Drag Star 125’s front forks feature large-diameter 35mm tubes which are protected from stone chips by lightweight guards – and to underline the front end’s heavy-duty appearance there is an extra-wide pitch of 200mm between the two fork tubes.

With its long wheelbase, massive-looking big-finned V-twin engine and beefy front forks, this is one machine that could easily be mistaken for a middleweight.

Twin shock rear suspension

Rear suspension features a conventional twin shock absorber arrangement giving a full 100mm of movement, and a fat rear tyre delivers high levels of traction and also helps smooth out your ride.

As you would expect on a machine of this type, both wheels are spoked, with a 80/100-18 tyre fitted to the front and a 130/90-15 tyre at the back.

Teardrop fuel tank

Bodywork is pure Drag Star and features a teardrop fuel tank complemented by a flared front fender and deeply valanced rear fender — both of them manufactured from lightweight resin.

Instrumentation is mounted on top of the fuel tank in the traditional cruiser style, and the wide pull-back bars and chromed circular headlight shell complete the picture.

Ultra-low seat height

At only 665mm off the ground the rider’s seat should allow even the smallest of riders to get their feet down in stationary or slow-moving traffic, and its extra-thick padding and contoured profile are sure to make this one of the most luxurious bikes in the category!

Relaxed riding position

And with its forward-mounted footrests and raised, pull-back handlebars, the Drag Star 125 offers one of the most relaxed riding positions to be found on any motorcycle.

Mounted on top of the wide and deep rear fender, the thick pillion pad is designed to ensure that the passenger also travels in comfort.

XVS125 Chassis

Technical Highlights

• All-new Drag Star type tubular double-cradle frame

• Conventional twin shock rear suspension

• Raked-out 35mm diameter forks with wide 200mm pitch

• 140mm front wheel travel

• Long 1520mm wheelbase

• Low seat height of 665mm for easy manoeuvrability

• Tear drop fuel tank

• Deeply-padded rider and passenger seats

• Tank-mounted instrumentation

• Real ‘big-bike’ feel

• Spoked front and rear wheels: 18 inch front, 15
inch rear

• Lightweight resin front and rear fenders

• Forward-mounted footrests

• Pull-back handlebars

2000 colours


Deep Purplish Red Cocktail/White

XVS125 Drag Star Summary

Yamaha has more experience in the construction of lightweight and middleweight 4-stroke V-twins than any other manufacturer, and it is this unrivalled knowledge that has made our Drag Star models some of the most stylish and successful cruisers in their respective categories.

With its long and low chassis, handsome air-cooled V-twin engine, spoked wheels and high quality paint and chrome, the all-new Drag Star 125 offers new riders the opportunity to indulge in a bit of laid-back cruising whenever they feel in the mood.

But as well as being the ideal machine for a Sunday morning cruise, the Drag Star 125 is also a great way to beat the jams in the city from Monday to Friday, and save time and money.

Reliable, economical, good looking and built to a high standard, this new arrival in the 125 class looks set to appeal to many new owners in the year ahead.

Technical Specifications


Type Air-cooled V-twin SOHC 2-valve 4-stroke

Displacement 124cc

Bore x Stroke 41.0mm x 47.0mm

Compression ratio 11:1

Maximum power 13ps/9.6kW

@ 10,000 rpm*

Maximum torque tba

Starting system Electric

Lubrication Wet sump

Carburation BDS26 x 1 with TPS

Primary reduction ratio 3.400

Secondary reduction ratio 3.615

Clutch type Wet, multiple disc

Transmission type Constant mesh


Gear ratio 1st 2.643

Gear ratio 2nd 1.684

Gear ratio 3rd 1.261

Gear ratio 4th 1.000

Gear ratio 5th 0.821

Final transmission Chain

Generator AC Magneto

(* Provisional figure)


Overall length 2315mm

Overall width 800mm

Overall height 1040mm

Seat height 665mm

Wheelbase 1520mm

Minimum ground clearance 145mm

Dry weight 144kg

Frame type Double cradle

Caster angle 35 degrees

Trail 135mm

Fuel tank capacity tba

Front suspension 35mm telescopic forks

Front shock absorber Coil spring/shock absorber

Rear suspension Swinging arm with twin shocks

Rear shock absorbers Coil spring/gas-oil damper

Front wheel 18 x 1.60

Front wheel travel 140mm

Rear wheel 15 x 3.00

Rear wheel travel 100mm

Front brake Single disc, 282mm diameter

Rear brake Drum, 130mm diameter

Front tyre 80/100-18

Rear tyre 130/90-15

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