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Everyone, even those who are not motorcycle enthusiasts have heard of Yamaha motorcycles. Yamaha is one of the leading motorcycle manufacturing companies in the world with good reason. Each product is built for power, efficiency and reliability. What some people may not know is that Yamaha motorcycles aren’t just dirt bikes or motocross bikes. They also cater to the sports bike and the cruiser enthusiast. Whichever your fancy, there is a Yamaha motorcycle for you.

Yamaha Motorcycles:

Yamaha Sport Bikes

Yamaha sport bikes are definitely a big name in the racing industry and among those who feel the need for speed. Whether your taste is for speed or cruising, the various Yamaha sport bikes can accommodate you. The R1 and FZ series classify as super sport bikes that boast speed, offer great maneuverability, and show some of the best engineering in the industry. Some of Yamaha’s street motorcycles are more for touring such as the Super Tenere. You’ll also find some hybrid Yamaha sport bikes that offer a combination of speed and comfort.

Yamaha Dirt Bikes

Of course, not everyone likes the smooth open road. Some people like the rugged outdoors and getting dirty. Yamaha dirt bikes are built for two things, motocross and off roading. The off roading series packs a powerful line with the WR and the TT-R series. Both offer good power and stability to conquer Mother Nature. The TT-R series is perfect for intermediate and beginner riders. The YZ line is built specifically for motocross and displays some of the best engineering in the sport. Define speed, maneuverability and stability in one machine and you have the YZ450F.

Yamaha Cruisers

Speed and agility are certainly two great hallmarks of Yamaha motorcycles. However, they may not be the most important features for everyone. The Star line from Yamaha is literally a cruiser’s paradise. Imagine getting out for a beautiful Sunday drive on one of the many Yamaha cruiser models such as the Royal Star or the Raider. Each offers a unique ride, awesome looks and the best quality in the industry. The Yamaha cruisers offer a wide range of variety for speed and comfort, and they are all built with the rider in mind.

Yamaha motorcycles, Yamaha R125 Front Rear
Yamaha motorcycles, Yamaha R125 Front Rear—WorldWideMotorcycles (Flickr.com)

Regardless of which Yamaha motorcycle you choose, you can always expect the top quality, dependability, and great ride that have made Yamaha famous. From touring to racing, Yamaha motorcycles offer some of the best performance and value in the world. And, you do not have to be a pro to take a ride on the wild side. Yamaha is built for beginners and pros alike, coming in a range of power and torque to satisfy riders of all abilities and interests.

A Yamaha motorcycle is not just a purchase, it is an investment. Whether you race for money, enjoy taming Mother Nature, or just enjoy a leisurely Sunday cruise, there is a Yamaha motorcycle for you.

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