Wiz Racing have been making kneesliders for almost 20 years. Made from proven long lasting compounds the range includes plastic knee sliders and leather pucks. Each compound has been developed to give the right balance between feedback and wear. The high quality Velcro used to attach each kneeslider to leathers ensures they stay where they need to. Like many racers, make Wiz Racing your No.1 choice!

Wizracing product range 

Wizracing are famous for their comprehensive range of knee and toe sliders in over one hundred colour combinations and finishes.

WIZ Users

WIZ have been making sliders since 1990. “It was a case of me wanting a knee slider the same as my GP heroes, but not being able to purchase any. So I decided to have a go at making my own. And the rest, as they say, is history!”

WIZ products are now the slider of choice of many of Britain’s road racers including top riders such as former British Superbike champion and World Superbike star James Whitham, British Supersport champion and TT winner Ian Simpson and Jim Moodie, also a TT winner.

Buy from a wide selection of kneesliders. Whatever your preference you should find it here.

Famous Wiz Users…

Will Bennett made his first set of Wiz knee sliders on April 6th 1990, and tested them at Pembrey in the UK.Since then Wiz has gone on to develop the humble slider into a performance product that also looks good on “made to measures”. A wide range of materials, finishes and designs ensure the Wiz slider enhances any set of expensive leathers.

Many world class riders use the Wiz product by choice – unlike others we pay no-one to wear a Wiz slider.

Niall McKenzie * Joey Dunlop * Ian Simpson * Paul Brown * John Reynolds * Steve Hislop * Darren Barton * Sean Emmett * Mike Rutter * Mike Edwards * Iain Duffus * … and many more …