Winter Months Motorcycle Riding Can Be Cool If You Are Geared Up For The Journey.

December & January Harley Davidson riding can be cool if you are prepared for the drive. Motorcycle riding in the colder months can offer a lot of original experiences and surroundings that you wont perceive any other time of year. In the northern part of the United States you will most likely see snow covered trees and hills. Although in the south you will experience a warmer outing and glimpse winding roads and serene countrysides.

Living in the north I hold a lot of experience motorbike riding during the cold weather months. Motorbike riding year around, I have learned what you should understand in order to be safe, warm and comfy while out on the street.

The primary factor you must to take into account is what the road conditions, temperature and wind chill factors are. Needless to say if you are sure you want to go out riding on your harley davidson in the winter weather, the streets ought to be free of ice and snow and you ought to dress suitably. Take into account when its (30º f) out at 60 miles per hour the wind chill will be (10ºF) and the lower the temperature drops the colder the wind chill will be.

Here is a method that you can utilize to work out the wind chill for your ride.
Where, T = Air Temperature (ºF)
V = Wind Speed (mph)

Then you must get dressed for the ride. Dressing for the ride means dressing in layers. Layers work great as an insulation against the icy cold and wind chill and if at whatever time along the way the temperature starts to heat up a bit you can pause and discard a layer or two. The external layer is most likely the most significant layer you should worry your self about. It is the one that will shield you from the elements and the road if by some hard luck you should slide and lay your bike down.

A lot of individual choose to put on a snowmobile suit when they go out on a winter ride. Whereas others will bundle up and dress in the time-honored hooded sweatshirt, leather motorcycle jacket and leather chaps. A full face mask and lined leather gloves are also very much suggested. Like always a good quality sturdy pair of leather motorcycle boots and a warm pair of socks are a essential. Take into account though, if your socks are to heavy they can make your harley boots tight and stop your blood flow to your feet. This will have the reverse effect as a consequence your feet will get cold and freeze. I endorse lined motorcycle boots and a comfy pair of socks.

One other thing that really helps keep you both safe and warm when you ride in the winter months is a full-faced motorcycle helmet. A full faced helmet not only protects your head if you tumble it also keeps the wind from your face and ears and that is a giant advantage when trying to keep warm on a cold bike ride.

If you look on the Internet you will discover several websites that offer a host on men’s motorcycle apparel in addition to womens’ motorcycle apparel that have cold weather riding gear.

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