Why Should You Buy A Staintune Exhaust

Staintune started out making exhausts in 1980 in Australia. Staintune has established a rock-solid reputation for manufacturing exhausts with a consistently high quality of design, performance and tone in Australia and around the world.

The highly skilled team at Staintune manufacture hand made exhausts covering most popular bikes, with new items being developed and tested continuously.

Each new Staintune product enters an extensive research and development program including dyno testing, road/race research and noise emission testing. Many of the performance and competition exhausts are tested by professional pro class riders in harsh race conditions.

The customer feedback loop has always been and always will be an important part of the Staintune development of new exhausts and in turn they produce sportbike exhausts that always meet the demands of enthusiasts.

All Staintune products and hardware are made from 304 grade stainless steel which is one of the most durable materials to use and is impervious to all types of corrosion. 304 grade stainless steel is polished to a mirror-like finish. As a result of the nature of 304 stainless steel, at any stage of the exhaust’s life it can be buffed back to a deep new gloss. Staintune motorcycle exhausts may not be the lightest exhausts available, but are made to outlast other brands.

When you purchase a Staintune exhaust you have a high-performance, perfectly fitting exhaust system with high quality, sleek lines and a sound you will enjoy. Staintune has been a major sponsor of Australian off-road racing including 2003 and 2004 Staintune Honda Off-road Team.

Staintune exhausts are designed and tested to improve the overall efficiency, looks and sound of a stock configured motorcycle. Staintune does not specifically focus on horsepower production. While their exhausts can be used on sports bikes with excellent performance results, their focus is not on radically modified specials. Our objective is to produce an exhaust for real world street riders looking to utilize the best system available in the marketplace.

Do you want something you can simply take out of the box, bolt on and go?

Greater emphasis is placed on enhancing overall dynamic response during normal street-riding conditions, rather than making boisterous claims to big horsepower increases available only at high RPM and full throttle. Most riders would never use that power during typical riding anyway.

Staintune exhausts systems will outlive all other brands, especially under the high-corrosion demands of stop and go city driving. Using only stainless steel pays off in the long run for you.

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