Why It Is Important To Provide HIAB Training For Your Employees

As you may already know every day there happen hundreds of accidents at work, that’s why it is quite important to provide some trainings for the employees. It is especially true, if we are talking about the drivers. We have every reason to believe that every driver, and of course less experienced or younger drivers, should be taught how to drive and to carry out other work carefully and responsibly. This is important particularly for the drivers who are dealing with lorries with a cranes. In addition it should be mentioned that according to legislation every employer is obliged to provide employees with adequate training to guarantee their health and safety. The employees should be interested in these training as well especially when they are joining the company and if they are exposed to new or increased risks in the workplace. And the employers should organize training that would meet the worker’s individual needs.

If you seriously thinking about organizing some training to your employees, you should know that the best training known is HIAB training. But before deciding whether your new drivers and operators need such trainings you need to understand what experience in using the vehicles they have and what kind of work they will perform. There also some certain generally recognized qualifications and standards for driving or operating the vehicle, so you need to understand which of them they’ll use. As soon as you’ll understand that they need such training you need to determine how much of them they need and at what level.

It’s not a secret that normally drivers need much more skills than simply controlling a vehicle when it is moving. The thing is that most of the vehicles used in the workplace have specialized attachments such as cranes, and there are other skills to learn about, for instance, unloading, loading, sheeting, trimming and so on. So there is noting better than HIAB training, which is dealing with this scope of work. In addition, it should be mentioned how it is important to have training in safe working practice. The reason for this is that there are great risks of unsafe working. Among the other risks are driving too fast, especially on slopes or unsuitable ground, as well as turning too sharply. All this may lead to unpredictable consequences.

When your employees are taking the trainings it is rather important to have training records for each employee on a central register, which will consist of employee’s name, its training history and needs, as well planned training and details of the vehicles that the person is competent to operate. This will be of much help especially when you change any vehicles or ways of working.
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