What You Should Know About Driver Certificate Of Professional Competence Trainings

It would be useful for you to find out that nowadays for the driver it is a requirement to have the certificate confirming his qualification. One of the best recognized certificates is the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence, or as it often called driver CPC. To the best of our knowledge, all coach, bus, and lorry drivers should have this qualification. The thing is that the European Union has introduced this type of certificates to maintain high driving standards. You may be surprised that also professional lorry drivers should have an additional certificate, namely a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence though they are having vocational driving license.

In this case you should also know that driver CPC training consists of continuing professional development which is obligatory for bus, lorry, or coach driver’s career. The main goal of the driver CPC is to increase the level of safety in the road. Those bus, coach and lorry drivers who dream about a great career of a driver should continually update their skills and knowledge. This will lead to rising of the status of the driver. So consequently the driver will need to carry out periodic training throughout his professional career. In fact, under the law it is required to complete 35 hours of periodic training every 5 years in order to prove that you haven’t lost your skills in compliance with the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence.

Of course, nowadays there exist a wide range of courses and training available. This is actually great as you may find the training that would meet all your individual needs and specific driving skills. Moreover, the driver CPC training is great for those who are dealing with dangerous and hazardous goods transport. In case if you want to renew your drivers CPC you will need to take only 21 hours of 35 hours.

As far as the issue is concerned, the drivers CPC training is divided into three main groups. The first group is connected with safe and fuel efficient driving. This means that you will learn how to do properly such things as vehicle loading, fuel consumption and what impact, namely pollution, that the fuel may cause. The second group studies the legal requirements. Mainly, it includes rules for tacograph, drivers’ hours and so on. And the third group became familiar with safety and health, service and logistics. To this topic belong first aid, customer service, and passenger safety.

And finally, you should also take into consideration that the courses that you will choose should be approved by the DSA. Keep in mind: only accredited training organization will provide you with periodic training which will guarantee you that you will obtain your certificate.

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