The Importance Of IOSH Trainings

It would be interesting for you to find out that according to the official researches of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) the accidents at work can be considerably decreased by investments in safety professionals. In addition, it should be mentioned that it is a well-known fact that a culture of safety is always better in those companies where senior management at all levels had taken health and safety trainings. And on the contrary, in the companies where managers lacked the necessary training, the level of accidents is significantly higher. From the statistics one would understand that investing in IOSH managing safely training has an impact, benefiting employees, and helping to increase productivity by reducing the considerable interruption because of an incident that led to injury or even death. This statistics is especially true for those companies which are in the construction industry.

It would be useful for you to find out that the companies with managers that have taken the higher levels of health and safety training and got qualifications have the lowest accident rates. On the contrary, by those who had less than two trainings the accident rate is approximately 9 times higher than companies with the most qualified and highly trained managers. You should also know that if we are making a closer investigation of this problem, you will see that over 200 people die in accidents at work every year. at the same time, over one million get injured. The above-stated shows that it is important that not only managers, but also other employees should enter IOSH managing safely training in the workplace. For the latter these trainings would help to carry out their jobs properly. It is necessary for them to know your procedures and policies. They must be sure that at any time they can raise any health or safety concerns with management. For sure, it would guarantee that you would create a positive health and safety culture, where safe and healthy working environment becomes second nature to everybody.

As a matter of fact, these trainings help to prevent transport accidents in the workplace as part of a safety measures. For example, trucks are considered to be particular dangerous in the workplace and lack of training, cooperation and supervision between workers and duty holders were leading to more accidents. In addition, each year there happen over 2,000 reportable and some of them are finished by deaths.

I’m sure all these figures speak for themselves. So if you really want your company to bring more profit and your employees work more efficiently, you need to ensure your management staff will get appropriate IOSH training.

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