The Ducati 748r Motorcycle Review

You just can’t help looking at them when you see them, yes, I am talking about the Ducati, especially the 748. With its sexy curves and single minded attitude with handling to match.

This bike is a sports bike straight out the crate. Except for the number plate and the lights this bike would not be out of place at any track day. With a single seat unit and sweet single side swingarm this bike cries out Track Tool. The Ducati isn’t solely a track bike, on the twisties or any A or B road this bike is heaven to ride. Unlike the 916, the 748 rev’s more freely with it’s new engine revamp and tricked up bits. This bike is pushing out 108 bhp through it’s V twin engine, resulting in a much cleaner power delivery.

The brakes would if asked to, ” stop you on a penny”. With the suspension that lets you lean this bike that far-over, you get a love bite on your neck from the tarmac. There is one wee small problem the price, compared to the others this bike is expensive to buy and maintain. But its only money!!!

Specification- Ducati 748r motorcycle specifications

Technical Specifications… Ducati 748r motorcycles
Model Ducati 748r
Engine L twin cylinder, liquid cooled
Bore & Stroke 88 x 61.5 mm
Displ. 748cc
Horse Power PS/RPM 106 CV-78kW @ 11000 rpm
Torque Kg-m/rpm 75.3 Nm @ 9000 rpm
Starter Electric
Trans. 6 speed
Dims. L x W x H N/A
Seat Hight 790mm
Tyre Size Front/Rear 120/60 ZR17 / 180/55 ZR17
Fuel Capacity 17 litres 4l reserve
Dry Weight 192 kg
Colours Red, Yellow