The Best Way To Secure Your Motorcycle

The best way to secure your motorcycle is to store it in a well built garage at home. These tips cover further recommendations for outside security so that you have nothing to worry about.

1. Ensure That Your Door Is Closed and Always Locked

Whether someone is in the home or not, do not make a habit of keeping your garage door open. Passers-by may notice something inside that appeals to them, particularly if you have lots of expensive equipment or items kept in there. Never allow windows to stay open and make certain they, along with all doors, remain locked if no one is home. If your home has an attached garage, you ought to also lock the door that leads to your home’s interior, and perhaps consider installing a double lock.

2. Proper Lighting Is Key

Garages that are well-lit are often avoided by potential burglars, simply because their break-in efforts could easily be detected by observers. Make sure you have lighting installed near every door and also near windows if you can. Wall sconces and other types of exterior lights are sure to add security, but they also make your home more attractive.

Should you be worried about higher energy bills, or you wish to have an additional layer of security available, think about placing some motion-detecting lights that activate only when someone passes by their sensors. These types of lights alert you to the presence of a passerby while also scaring away potential burglars.

3. Keep Garage Windows Covered

Work on ensuring that all garage windows receive some type of covering, whether curtains or blinds, to keep others from noticing the types of items you store inside. Sheer fabrics can be useful in that they permit light to enter, but simultaneously disguise the contents of the garage.

4. Verify the Reliability of Your Garage Door

You must make certain that your garage door is a sturdy block standing between your belongings and the outside. No matter if your neighbourhood is considered to be a safe one, it is always wise to choose a door that is strong, well-build and also visually appealing. A recessed panel option is always a sound option.

Solid doors made of steel can be terrific choices, particularly if your garage is likely to house expensive sports equipment, power tools or other high-dollar items.

5. Use A Quality Alarm System

Installing even the simplest of door sensors can serve as a worthy deterrent measure to potential intruders. Such sensors are able to emit audible alerts if the door gets opened, thwarting those who are not supposed to enter. You may also want to explore the possibility of using remote sensors designed to trigger silent alarms anytime the door opens.

Lots of modern door openers for garages offer integrated security options such as self-closing functionality and open-close monitoring. Further, many new doors can work in conjunction with smartphone applications, permitting you to control your garage door from anywhere.

6. Keep Garage Door Keys with You

If you are far from your home, make certain to have the keys to your home and your garage in your possession. Do not leave them in your vehicle or hidden somewhere at your residence. If these keys were left in your bike and a thief accessed the vehicle, he or she could easily get into your home at will. If you have a remote control for your garage door, look for keychain fob versions so that it is easy to keep the remote close to you at all times and out of the reach of thieves.

David McDermott writes for He has over 15 years’ experience covering specialist areas such as home security and garage doors.