Suzuki TL1000 Review

Suzuki TL1000 Review

 Suzuki TL1000 ReviewFour years ago people got to realise that V twins were the way to go with their huge low down midrange stomp, ideal for twisty roads and bends, but unfortunately not many people can afford the prices of the best, that being Ducati. So what happened, the Japanese produced the Honda VTR, and the Suzuki TL1000, after a while people and the press where reporting so called handling problems with the Suzuki due to its radical steering geometry and its lack of weight at the front end, in turn a factory steering damper was fitted which seemed to tame the beast.

This bike is a sports bike that has character with a capital (C) and is quite demanding on the road. When ridden fast on B roads this bike has a tendency to bite back which I like. Its a case of grabbing the bull by the horns and riding it.

The front suspension works well but is let down by the rear. A few modifications or change of unit can help. MH racing suspension can help you with suspension settings for your particular riding requirements.

The power of this V twin is unbelievable, 118 bhp at the back wheel is good for an inline 4 let alone a V twin. It rev’s like an inline 4 with power up to 10000 then there is another surge to catch you out. This bike is ballistic, the rev’s are being fed by the sweetest of gearboxes going. Suzuki’s exhausts are a bit quiet to meet with the noise regulations, so bin those and replace them with some race cans, and being fuel injected this bike needs no adjusting to the carburation. This bike is not for pillion riders due to the fact that it spends most of it’s time skywards due to it’s wheeliability.

The build quality is not as good as the Blade or R1 but a comparison on price will tell you why, but a little tip, keep the engine covered with a squirt of WD40 and it will keep it in tip top condition.

So don’t listen to what too many people have to say, go and have a go.