Shopping For A Used Harley For Sale On-line

Shopping for a used Harley for sale on line is completely different then buying directly from a motorcycle dealer or an individual person.

Out side of the self-evident difference that you are not there in person to test ride the used motorcycle; there are other crucial thing to consider.

You have looked on-line and found a used motorbike . From the photos your potential used motorcycle looks sweet fantastic. The on-line description lets you know what the motorcycle comes with, the mileage and the year it was manufactured. Although, there are a few very important questions that you should ask the seller before you decide to buy it.

Here are a few questions to ask before you buy a used motorcycle on line.

Find out if the used bike has ever been in an accident, if the bike has been in an accident asked if the frame or the front end was damaged. Also find out if the bike has been rebuilt, if so what kind of title does it come with. Is it a rebuilt title?

Finding out about the title is important. If the used motorcycle for sale has never been in an accident or been repaired you should ask if the bike has a clear title. If the used motorbike has been in an crash and you are purchasing it to revamp it your self, ask if the crashed motorcycle comes with a salvage title.

You should ask, has the motorcycle ever been raced or abused?

Find out if the clutch is the original or if it has ever been replaced. This is important especially if the used Honda has high mileage on it. Don’t forget to ask how many miles the clutch cable has on it as well Find out when the brakes where serviced. See if the brake fluid has been changed. Also, find out how many miles are on the existing brake pads,

Ask about the fuel system, if there are any fuel injection issues or leaks in the carburetor. Find out if the motorcycle has gone for a long time with out any gas in it. If so ask the seller to check out the fuel lines for cracks and dryness. A crucial thing to ask about is the electrical system. Ask if the all of the lights, brake light and turn signals work. Find out if all of the gauges, signal and warning lights work as well. Ask if there have been any problems with the ignition or electronics starter.

Suspension failure can have devastating ramifications, so find out when or if the fork seals have been changes. Ask if the steering head bearings and swing arm bearings have ever been replaced. Also ask if the suspension fluid been changed? This is crucial if the used motorbike is over two years old.

Tires and wheels on any used motorbike should not be taken for granted. Ask how many miles the tires have on them. Find out if the wheels are balanced and if the used motorcycle tracks true when driving down the roar. Ask if the motorcycle motorbike shimmies, wobbles or pulls, this could be a sign of a bent wheel or an even more serious issue.

Ask if the exhaust original or is it aftermarket? How old are the pipes and is there any apparent exhaust leaks. If the exhaust is after market pipes, find out if the bike has been tuned for the pipes. If it is fuel ejected, find out if the bike has been re-mapped. If the used motorcycle has carburetor ask if the motorcycle has been re-jetted and tuned for the pipes. Also ask if the exhaust has any discoloration. This could be a sign that the bike is running to hot.

One final thing to ask the on-line seller is if the used motorcycle has been serviced according to the manufacturers specifications. Find out if you can see the any and all of the service receipts.

Now that you have asked all of the relevant questions and the bike has passed, you resolve to go ahead and buy the used motorcycle. Two more questions you might want to ask is, do you ship and do you finance.

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