Road Reapers MC

One of the great things about living on Long Island is that there are so many different Motorcycle Clubs. If you ride a Motorcycle and are looking to join a Club, No matter what type you maybe looking for you are going to have many great choices ! [I:]

One MC I have spent a lot of time with lately, is the ever growing Chapter of the Long Island Road Reapers MC. I have known and been good friends with this Clubs President Chris Lowe AKA “Lucky” for a long time and recently I spoke with him about The Road Reapers MC.

The Road Reapers MC started in Gravesend , Brooklyn, NY in 2001 and has grown to include not only Chapters in New York, They now have Chapters in Virginia and Minnesota. The Road Reapers MC have seen a growth momentum over the past few years and also have Prospective Chapters in states across the USA.

As I spoke with Lucky, I found out one thing that Surprises many people about the Road Reapers Motorcycle Club is they are a 3 piece Patch Motorcycle Club that is open to all Brands of Motorcycles. I found out that while The Road Reapers MC may not be that concerned with the make of Motorcycle a potential Member may ride, They are concerned with the make of Man a potential member may be !

If You are looking to become part of a Motorcycle Brotherhood, The Road Reapers MC hold Family Life and Motorcycle Riding to be 2 of their Highest Priorities, But the Club is not for the Weekend Warrior.

If you would like more info on the Road Reapers MC look them up online or talk to a member.

Till Next Time Live Free and Ride Free, I am Your Bro LJ James [I:]

LJ is a independent writer and he owns a Motorcycle Apparel T-shirt Company LJ is also the Co-Host on an online TV show

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