Randy Krummenacher and Team JiR aim for positive Catalan GP

Randy Krummenacher and Team JiR : The Catalan Grand Prix takes place at the stunning Montmelo circuit just 12km (7.5 miles) north of the city of Barcelona on Sunday. The track is a challenging 4.7km (2.9mile) circuit with eight right-hand turns and five left-hand turns, all offering different degrees of challenge to both man and machine.

Randy and his team will be looking to build on the solid progress recently made in the last few races, but will aim to be more focused on machine set-up for qualifying so they can get the best possible start to the 23-lap race on Sunday.

Gianluca Montiron, Team JiR team principal:  “It’s been a busy time for our team keeping highly motivated after the Mugello GP where our rider was able to reduce the race gap distance from the leader to just 22.762 seconds. With this in mind let’s try in Catalunya to make another step forward having a positive approach to the weekend and stimulating our rider to be consistent during the practice days and to build a consistent race on Sunday. In Mugello we discovered some area where the bike set-up could be improved and from the technical side let’s see if these modifications will have effect on the confidence of Randy. The results are determined by the combinations we can find at each circuit that work for bike and rider, so let’s keep our progress moving forward.”

Randy Krummenacher 4
Randy Krummenacher 4—Smudge 9000 (Flickr.com)

Randy Krummenacher, #4, 2015 Team JiR rider: “As every year I’m looking forward to the Barcelona race even more. I like the track’s layout there with its numerous fast and flowing corners a lot. But this time I really look forward with even more confidence to the upcoming weekend due to my strong final part during the Mugello race last time out. I was able to race a consistent high pace and furthermore I managed it with every single lap towards the chequered flag even better adapting my riding style to the bike’s set-up. I set my fastest race lap times during the latter stages of the race distance. This of course was good for my self-confidence so we’ll try to start with this speedy pace into the weekend from the very first practice, with the goal to improve our level to the next step.”