Neil Hellings Chief Executive Acu

Auto-Cycle Union (ACU)
Neil Hellings will continue in his position as Chief Executive of the ACU

By BikeTr@de.
Feb 28, 2003, 17:45


Neil Hellings will continue in his position as Chief Executive of the ACU following a resolution reached between himself and the Board of Directors.

The response and support Neil received from the grass root membership was significant and played an important part in Neil`s decision to remain at the ACU. The National Management Council were also instrumental in their role as mediator between the Board of Directors and Neil, ensuring that a resolution was achieved.

Neil has stated: “I am delighted to be the CEO. There is so much work to be done to protect and develop our sport and I certainly do not intend looking back at recent events.”

“From the top to the bottom the ACU is all about making motorcycle sport happen, and I would ask that everyone who can play a part in strengthening and modernising the ACU put forward their suggestions. The ACU belongs to, and for, its members and it is you that will help to shape the next one hundred years of the ACU.”

With Neil back on board, the ACU is once again looking to the future. The organisation is ready to embrace change and continue with many of the initiatives Neil started in his first seven months within the organisation. Following decisions taken at last week`s National Management Council meeting the ACU will now also benefit from a more involved and responsive decision-making process.

Once again the ACU are urging their members, through clubs, centres and committees, to communicate with head office in Rugby. It is our membership who can best identify the issues that affect them. The ACU can then look at how these issues can be addressed.

Head office is particularly keen on improving communication through use of e-mail, as it is a quicker and more efficient way of both providing and receiving information, and thus increase the opportunities for our members to influence their sport.

The sense of co-operation seen between all parties, the Board of Directors, Neil and the NMC is important and unambiguous evidence of the ACU moving forward. The ACU exists for the benefit of our membership and the staff at Rugby are striving to give our membership a service which will set the standard other motorsport organisations worldwide will aspire to.

The ACU will soon be entering its centenary year with a Board of Directors, Chief Executive, Committees and a set of staff who are working towards improving motorcycle sport as a whole, but most importantly, the benefits and service to our members.