Motorcycle Safety Tips Video

Motorcycle Safety Tips Video

Motorcycle Safety—The National Guard (

Motorcycle safety tips apply to all motorcyclists. This means that whether you ride a 50cc or a 650cc, you must adhere to the safety of riding a bike. Your bigger bikes are faster and hence you should be even more careful and increase your vigilance. The majority of newer motorbikes, however, have increased safety.

The major emphasis on your motorcycling should be on having the right attitude. You will not be the only road user, as there are many different types of vehicles on the road and most of them have four wheels. You have to look out for yourself, as these vehicles might not see you and you have to be aware of their every move.

Turning on your headlight on high beam would assist greatly in making you visible on the roads. If you have to travel at night, you must wear a reflective jacket or a reflective harness that would increase your visibility.

You should never dare to ride your motorbike without a motorcycle helmet or protective clothing. The helmet is an extremely important protection against head injuries. It is important that you visor has no scratches, as it radically impedes your vision especially if you ride into the sun. You could also have it tinted for better vision.

Take care of the visor by sealing it with tear-offs or simply replace the visor if it has been scratched or damaged. It is there to protect your face against the fine debris, insects and especially the wind coming at you.

The engine of your motorbike is as important as you, and you need to keep it in good running condition. The chain or the belt on your chain-driven or belt-driven bike especially, could cause a major accident. When it shows slack, you need to replace it.

The tires keep the motorbike on the road and you therefore need to keep them in good condition as well. Both front and rear is important, but the rear always show deterioration sooner and should be replaced to keep traction. The tire pressure is vital, as blowouts are responsible for many accidents.

Rain has a tendency to make the road markings very slippery. These can be dangerous and it is a great idea to try to avoid them. When it does rain, you should be extra cautious as you are more inclined to slip and fall, because you are on two wheels.

If you are a brand new motorcyclist, then you need to take some motorcycle lessons. Your motorcycle lessons will give you many motorcycle safety tips.

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