Memorable Motorcycles: The Honda VF750F

Classic Motorcycles: The Honda VF750F

Honda VF750F Motocycle

What was groundbreaking about this machine was its liquid cooled V4 engine which made what was then an astonishing 86 bhp. This meant that the bike covered a standing quarter quicker than all its rivals, and also that Honda had managed to make a new V4 engine that lived up to all the theories by producing a pretty outstanding mid assortment.

And that was just the engine. A good deal of homework and growth had been place into the 50 percent fairing, which gave the rider a wonderful amount of protection, and the all round disc brakes were viewed as to be the ideal fitted to any regular manufacturing bike at the time.

In addition the bike also arrived with a single shock rear suspension and anti-dive from suspension which along with the sixteen inch front wheel gave the engine a platform where it could genuinely perform. So not only had Honda produced an astonishing engine the full deal was a work of genius, it’s also difficult to resist riding on one.


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