Malaguti scooters – sales up, prices down

Malaguti & FoggyMalaguti have announced price reductions on their 2000 model range of scooters. The popular liquid cooled 50cc Firefox will now sell for £1,949 on the road, compared with last year’s model at £2,099. Meanwhile the sporty 100cc Phantom, one of the Top 10 selling scooters in its class, comes down from £2,095 to £1,999. Prices will now start at just £1,499 for the F-10 scooter and that includes a 2 year warranty and free Heavy Duty chain lock.

Malaguti are Italy’s second largest scooter manufacturer and are now one of the top 3 brands of Italian scooter in
the UK. Importers Harglo-Malaguti say that the price reductions are the result of working closely with their 150-strong dealer network to meet certain price points. “Our dealers asked for it” says Sales Manager Paul Scannell “We
listened and we revised our price structure. Downwards!”

In addition to the price reductions Malaguti have also launched a new subsidised flat-rate insurance scheme. For example, a 16 year-old can insure a 50cc Firefox for as little as £199 TPFT and a 17 year-old can insure a 100cc Phantom for just £269 TPFT. Of special interest to dealers will be an additional scheme for used Malagutis, which should make it much easier to sell used machines..

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