Kawasaki Motocross Bikes

Kawasaki motocross bikes, Paul Malin
Kawasaki motocross bikes, Paul Malin—Gunner111 (Flickr.com)

Some of the most favored vehicles are Motorbikes, motocross bikes, and dirt bikes. These type of bikes are widely used for recreational activities, radical sports riding, and various other outdoor motor sports. There are a wide selection of motocross bikes and motorcycles on today’s market. Some of the most well known brands include Harley Davidson, Suzuki, and Yamaha. Kawasaki is another highly rated brand of motorcycle that is known for quality and style. While they have been producing top of the line motorcycles for many years, Kawasaki continues their time honored tradition of quality with their line of Motocross 125 motor cycles and bikes

Manufactured and released in 1974, the dual stroke KX motocross bike by Kawasaki has helped many riders to win motocross championships sponsored by the AMA. Due to the release of an upgraded model called the KX450F, the dual stroke motocross 125 is not sold in America. The Kawasaki KX450F is ideal for open mini cycle and 100cc motocross divisions. Compared to the Kawasaki KX, the new upgraded KX450F features larger wheels, and a longer level suspension.

The features of Kawasaki motocross bikes have greatly improved over the years. Made with a dual stroke, water cooled engine, these bikes can reach a speed of sixty three miles per hour, with the power of a 125 cc 2t engine. Other features include a one cylinder engine, digital ignition, six speed manual transmission, liquid cooling and standard sized Bridgestone tires. The height of the seat is nearly thirty four and a half inches, and the tank holds almost a gallon and a half of fuel.

A variety of improvements have been made on the wheels, engine, and the bikes overall construction. The KX motocross 125 can still be purchased in certain areas, but most bikers prefer the latest models with the most advanced features. According to those who evaluate motocross bikes, the KX 125 motocross bike by Kawasaki was given a rating of seven out of ten by the riders that were reviewed. This makes the 125 by Kawasaki a fairly good bike, it can not be characterised as the best, but quality manufacturing makes it a highly sought after bike for extreme outdoor sports. The advanced features and advantages presented by Kawasaki’s KX motocross 125 bike makes it a great choice for long time bike riders, as well as for those who may be buying their first motocrosser.

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