Honda Motorcycles

While it isn’t exactly known when the first electric motor cycles were made, patents for them began in the late 1800’s, and by 1911, the first appeared in issues of popular mechanics. Electric motorcycles, mini electric motorcycles and the fancy new styles we see today started out as just putting an electric motor on the back of a bicycle. Today’s designs are sleeker than ever before, and for the most part, are not actually called motorcycles, but scooters.

Today there are more styles of mini electric motorcycles than you can shake a stick at. Electric motorcycles are becoming enormously popular for many reasons. They are smaller and more maneuverable in urban areas. Since they are electric, they can be plugged into a wall outlet at night, recharged, and used the next day without ever filling a gas tank. They don’t emit anything harmful into the environment. Some models have just as many bells and whistles that you would normally find in a regular, full sized motorcycle, but for half the cost.

Four of the distinct types of Mini electric motorcycles are the pocket bike, pit, mini chopper and the Midi Moto. While all of them have some of the same characteristics, some are built for racing, others for style and looks, and some for strictly for the transportation factor. These electric motorcycles have electric motors instead of the gasoline engines that you would find on regular motorcycles. They do however try to imitate their counterparts in look and performance.

The mini electric motorcycle mini bike resembles the sleek body design that most often is associated with those Japanese Style motorcycles. The have a plastic body that is aerodynamic, with slick tires to grip the ground.

In some cases, these mini bikes are raced more often because they can get up to higher overall speeds.

The pit bike was once used for pit crews to get around from one place to another during races, and are similar to a dirt bike. They have plastic fenders, smaller seats, and most of the engine and workings are exposed. The mini chopper is made for style more, and can be tricked out just like many of the real choppers you see on the road today. The Midi moto are mini electric motorcycles that come as close to the real thing as possible. These electric motorcycles are larger, have faster motors, and can some can even be ridden on the freeway.

The costs for these mini electric motorcycles can vary in price as much as their different styles. For a basic, no frills, get you from point A to point B electric motorcycle, is going to be in the low hundreds range. Top end models can run into the thousands of dollars.

A good mid-range mini electric bike is the Electric XP-707 Pocket Bike. This model has one of the largest motors ever built in a pocket cycle, 700 watts. It is whisper quiet, has both rear and front disk brakes, three batteries, and is designed with full tinted windshield and full faring, just to name a few of the features. There are many colors to choose from, and this model sells for just under $400.