BMW Motorrad

BMW is one of the World class company motor cycle manufactures in the world. BMW not only manufactures motorcycles but also cars as well. Even the BMW cars are considered one of the luxury class cars and are very special to people across the world. The word BMW itself brings excitement to all the age groups starting from small kinds up to old people. Unlike other luxury brands of cars and bikes BMW is well known name to most people in the world. BMW is manufacturing various kinds of models of cars and bikes and that are suitable for many people. Not only this the company has sold out its cars across the globes and some of its cars and bikes can be ridden on all kinds’ roads. However, all its cars and bikes are just fantastic to look at and one has to bear to travel in these kinds of cars. Today we find most of the BMW bikes are being used in rallies. This means these bikes can be easily modified and its engine is powerful and obviously known for its speeds. This could be one of the reasons why people are behind BMW.

BMW Motorcycles, K 1300, MetallicThe BMW Motorrad is a motorcycle manufacturer which had is corporate and brand development division in Germany. These have been manufactured since 1923. Since then the company has established and has sold more than eight seven thousand motorcycles in the year 2007. The latest model of motorcycle produced by BMW is the R1200GS. The history of BMW is quite unique as it was initially an aircraft engine manufacturer. The company started its business during the First World War. However as mentioned above the first of motorcycles came into place only in the year 1923. It was the R32 with a flat –twin boxer engine.

BMW is maintaining its originality using this engine, however, there are numerous configurations added and substituted to the engine. The BMW is a huge company in Berlin manufacturing motorcycles. However, some of its engines are manufactured in Austria, China and Taiwan. The R1200GS is mainly bought for adventurous purposes. However the company produces other products like the shaft chain, belt driven models with the engines ranging from 450cc to 1649 cc. Not for a surprise these models are manufactured designed for off Road making it exiting.

There are various models pertaining to BMW motorcycles. Some of these have been used in some of the James Bond Movies as well. I have seen some of them featuring on my television bought through services powered by Xfinity Deals. Even some of its cars have been used in many movies today. The BMW F series model comes with a parallel-twin engine has a capacity of 798cc. These series feature either a chain or belt drive. Some of the Models are F650GS, F800GS, F800R, F800S and F800ST. The G series comes with a single cylinder and the capacity ranges from 449cc to 652cc. These bikes feature chain drive. Some of these models are available in the market as well. Few models of G series are G450X, G650GS, G650 Xmoto, G650 Xchallenge and G650 Xcountry. Most of the 450cc’s are manufactured in Taiwan. Apart from these the BMW has the R series and K series as well. All the R and K series exceed the capacity of 1000cc. The R series range from 1170cc to 1200cc while the K series are the fastest of all the series mentioned above. Its capacity goes up to 1649cc and is a six cylinder engine. Hence we can imagine how fast these bikes are. Some of these bikes are K1600GT, K1300R and so on. Apart from these BMW has its S series which is a sports bike with transverse mounted on it and has a capacity of 999cc four cylinder engines.