How To Keep Your Motocross Bike In Good Condition

One of the toughest tests of mechanical endurance with regards to motorcycles is motocross. With some of the most extreme conditions, motocross is extremely demanding on both rider and machine equally, and in order for both to survive throughout an event, they must both be in good mechanical and physical condition. In order to ensure that your motocross bike remains in good condition, you must be committed to maintaining your bike on a regular basis, and you need to be pro-active in finding faults or potential problems when carrying out maintenance. Detailed below is some maintenance advice for keeping your bike in good condition.

Every time you get on the bike there are some very simple checks you need to do concerning the general condition of the bike. Check the chain for any distorted links and make sure it is clean and lubricated. Take out the air filter and make sure that it is clean or replace it with a new filter if it is required. Lastly, give the bike a once-over, checking every nut and bolt on the bike is tight and making sure all spokes on the wheels are secure.

Some less frequent checks that you need to carry out on your motocross bike, generally only before you use the bike in an event or serious test session, are checks on the efficiency of the rotational bearings on the bike. Most motorbikes have rotational bearings connecting the swingarm and the headstem to the bike frame. These bearings come under a lot of pressure and can wear out, causing friction and possible failure. Re-packing these bearing with grease on a regular basis helps to extend the life of these bearings though they will eventually need replacing at some point. There are also bearings in the wheel assemblies which will most likely wear quicker than any other.

Many motocross bikes have engines that are 2-stroke designs combined with a power valve that adjusts to the RPM of the engine. The power valve adjusts the bore-size of the exhaust manifold outlet to improve power output throughout the rev range. These power valves suffer from carbon build-up over time which can reduce efficiency. Cleaning the power valve will help to improve this, but it is not a job that is an easy undertaking. If you want to attempt this, make sure you have a workshop manual for your bike and never use abrasive materials or solutions to clean it.

Carrying out maintenance on your motocross bike is not difficult but some of the more technical jobs will require a manual to help you take everything apart and put everything back together in the right order. You should also remember to change the engine and gearbox oil regularly though it depends on how much you use the bike. Engine oil should be changed at least after every 10-12 hours of use, though if you use your bike regularly, change it more often.

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