How motorbike owners can cut their insurance after a DUI conviction

Having a DUI conviction on your driving record is not only nothing to be proud of but can also prove to be extremely costly. Not only are you likely to be fined and have your license revoked making you have to pay for public transport to get around, when you get that license back there will also be a sharp rise in your motorbike insurance premium.

This is understandable as insurance companies now see you as more of a risk than you were previously, but by reading the following we will give you some tips on how motorbike owners can cut their insurance after a DUI conviction – see the UK government site for more details of penalties.

Do Your Homework

While the chances of your insurance premium falling after a DUI conviction is remote, don’t take it for granted that your current insurer is offering you the best deal out there. Shop around online, use the comparison sites and see what you can get in terms of insurance for your bike after a conviction. Always be honest about your conviction as, if you are found out to be lying your insurance will become invalid, you are likely to be prosecuted and chances are you will find it extremely difficult to be able to get any kind of insurance in the future. Be transparent but do your homework, it’s the only way to go.

Complete the Course

Anyone who is convicted will get the chance of completing a course. This may get you your license back quicker and may also drive down your insurance. By taking the course it shows the insurance companies that you regret your actions and will make sure it never happens  again. You are still riskier than an ordinary biker but it will win you Brownie points.

Do Without For a While

When you first lose your license you will feel completely lost without your trusty bike to get you everywhere. It’s surprising how quickly you get used to not having it, even though it was so inconvenient at first. When you get your license back, even if you are itching to get back in the saddle, it might be worth hanging fire for a while. This kind of conviction stays on your record for 6 years. If you lose your license for 2 years, that’s 4 to go. It sounds a lot but in terms of the money you will save over the course of those 4 years for continuing to use public transport it’s really not that long.

Make that Call

Anyone who has ever been on an insurance comparison site will know how broad the questions are. The “have you ever been convicted of DUI” has a yes or no box and if you tick yes you are all classed the same whether you had 1 point or 10 points over the limit. Give the company a call, explain your own circumstances, you could have been marginally over the limit from the night before for example. This may not make a massive deal, but its certainly worth a try if it knocks a few quid off.