Health And Safety At Work

Let me ask you: do you know that health and safety at work is the major point of the modern world? To the best of our knowledge, Europe has seriously started investigating this issue and as the result there appear the European leading institution for health and safety professionals which is also known as the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH). The main task of this institute is to reduce the level of accidents and injuries at work. According to some of their researches nowadays the number of accidents may be significantly reduced by visiting special IOSH managing safely trainings which will help to increase the professional level of the employees, namely managers.

The latter having appropriate education became as an example to the other staff and as the result they introduce so-called culture of safety. It is a well-known fact that in the companies where the senior managers haven’t passed the appropriate training, have the higher number of accidents. So as you may conclude from the above stated, on average, the manager that is more qualified in health and safety may guarantee that there will be a lower accident rate in your organization. It is quite reasonable to invest into IOSH managing safely training as it would have an impact, benefiting employees, and help to increase effectiveness by reducing the significant disruption caused by an incident that may lead to injury or death.

We have every reason to believe that if the personnel has entered the trainings not more than two times, the accidents rate will be 8 times higher than in companies with the qualified and well-trained senior managers. This number is rather high if to take into consideration that each year more than 200 people are killed in accidents at work. All of the researches reflect the importance of training in the workplace. But such trainings should be taken not only by managerial level, but also by common employees, so that they would know how to carry out their jobs properly. It is rather important for them to be aware of all procedures and your policy in general. Your employees should know for sure how they can raise any health and safety issues with management and what part they play in the whole process. Moreover, this situation would develop a positive health and safety environment in the office.

An additional attention, of course, should be paid to the training to prevent transport accidents in the workplace. It’s not a secret that it is perhaps the most hazard issue in the workplace. That’s why it is rather important to provide relevant training, supervision and proper cooperation between the staff.
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