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Introducing Quantya Electrical Motorcycles

QUANTYA SA was set up in 2005 by Max Modena in order to acquire and generate energy efficient electric motorcycles. Max Modena is a motocross fanatic living in Switzerland and when the Swiss banned the use of noisy two-stroke engines, which includes most motocross bikes, he saw an opportunity. The motorbike is radically different from the present-day motocross bikes. They had to be exciting and fast, but also quiet.

The first  motorbikes appeared on the market in mid 2007. The FMX had a limited manufacturing run due to a fault in the battery. The move to Lithium Polymer batteries permitted the electrical motorbikes to be a lot more powerful and go for a whole lot longer. In 2008 the Evo1 was released. There are two versions of the Evo1, the Track – a motocross bike designed for offroad use only, and the Strada – a street legal model intended for enduro.

The motorcycle was launched in the latter half of the 19th century. Since then it has become a favourite means of transport. An electric motorcycle is a two-wheeled motor vehicle powered by battery and is the newest innovation in the motorcycle world.

Quite simply, electrical motorcycles can be classified into power-on-demand motorcycles and electric power-assist motorcycles. Earlier, electrical motorcycles have been used only for races. With the introduction of electric motorcycles for standard use, they have end up a person of the most favourite and trendy mean of transport amongst the community masses. In contrast to the ordinary motorcycles, the electrical motorcycles are driven by batteries. Consequently, electric motorcycles are the greatest solution for air pollution and making the earth a more pleasant place to live in.

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