Driver Certificate Of Professional Competence Qualification Is Important For Any Driver

If you are a driver, you have definitely heard about the Certificate of Professional Competence, which is known also as CPC. The National Transport Department issues this type of qualification. The thing is that 2003 the EU has produce a directive that is aimed at people who want to gain an entry-level qualification in the field of fleet operation and transport management in the passenger or road transport industries. The people who dream to build a career in these industries need to have this driver cpc qualification. If you are just a beginner, you also may use this qualification as first step for those who want to get professional qualifications within this sector. Besides, an operator applying for a Standard O License also should have a CPC qualification. Of course the latter group has another opportunity: it would be enough for them to have at least an access to someone, usually an employee, who already has such qualification.

If we are talking about Standard O License, it is necessary when you operate goods vehicles above 3.5 tones. To this belong quite a lot of operators including covers hauliers, and even account operators, or as they also called – fleet operators. We have every reason to believe that most of the companies that hire new staff look for the latter with this license. And no matter for what period of time you will be hired.

As you may already know, the whole national course consists of 5 units. And, to tell the truth, it doesn’t matter if you are a transport haulier, or a passenger operator, during your studies you have to learn business and legal aspects. There are also some special subjects that only passenger handlers should learn, such as National Passenger Transport Operations as well as its managing. As to the goods hauliers they should learn National Road Haulage Operations and its managing.

In addition, it is also required to perform a further extension to these qualifications. To tell the truth, if you want to know, the driver cpc qualification is assessed by multiple choice questions, direct answers and case study examinations. Everything may be asked by the examiners: starting from driver’s hours, customer care, first aid and a safe driving component. So as you understand – the exam consists of the theory and practical parts of the test. In general, it may last up to six hours.

You should also keep in mind that after the initial qualification the driver will need to do CPC training for a certain period of time. This period is mainly counts 5 years. Such trainings are essential due to the fact that they should prove their skills and qualification. But the main thing is that CPC training is now a legal requirement.

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