Do Not Ride On Your Motorbike Without These Gloves

Riding a motorbike is lots of fun; everyone knows it. It’s no secret that hitting the highway on a motorcycle is one of the most enjoyable pasttimes there is. And if commuting is your main goal, there are no choices as economical, fast, and fun as riding a good motorcycle.

But, obviously, there’s a bit of a downside too: safety.

While it’s obvious that wearing a proper helmet is essential, it’s less commonly known that other types of motorcycle safety gear such as tactical gloves are needed if you plan to ride regularly.

The problem is that nobody can predict when an accident will happen. That’s the nature of accidents — they’re unpredictable. So you need to have (and use) safety gear whenever you ride your motorbike. If you don’t, you’re just deluding yourself into thinking you’re not going to face the unpredictable.

Put safety first and in the long run, you’ll never regret it.

One of the most important pieces of safety gear (aside from your helmet) is your motorcycle gloves. A good pair of motorcycle gloves protects your hands during a crash, but they also protect you from other common injuries that plague motorcycle riders.

Did you know that if you lay your bike down there’s a good chance your hand(s) will end up between the motorcycle and the road surface? If you don’t have the best tactical gloves to protect your hands, you run the risk of serious, permanent hand injury, even in a low-speed crash.

Further, if you like to split lanes and drive between lanes of traffic, sooner or later you will hit someone’s mirror with your hands. Without good hard-knuckle motorcycle gloves, your hands will get crushed. This is something most motorcycle riders have to come to terms with at some time or another. It’s fairly common in areas that allow motorcyclists to split lanes.

So don’t be a statistic. Be prepared for the worst and don’t let your sense of momentary comfort get the better of your common sense.

A good pair of motorcycle gloves gives you several important features.

First, they’re made of abrasion-resistant material like leather. You should be able to avoid road-rash if you have a proper pair of gloves.

Second, they fasten at the wrist snugly and securely. You don’t want something flapping in the wind at highway speeds because it will chafe and abrade your skin over time.

Third, a good pair of gloves has hard knuckles. This stops you from breaking your hand during a fall, because as you flip over and over, your hands will take a beating.

Finally, you need gloves that are built to be tough, yet flexible. There is no point in wearing protective geat that seriously degrades your manual dexterity. Good tactical motorcycle gloves give you the ability to ‘feel’ the controls.

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