Cold Weather Motorbike Riding Gear

We all know riding Motorbikes is very rewarding, enjoyable and for some that’s all we think about. When it comes to riding in cold weather a lot of the enjoyable feelings are taken away because of the cold. I almost enjoy a chilly night or a little chill in the air better then a hot day. I enjoy being bundled up in leather, the chill of the cool air hitting my face. A chilly night for me is when the weather drops to the low 50’s, and it does not take much to keep a person warm. One or two layers under a good pair of Motorbike leathers will do.

Motorbike Riding Gear

When the temperature drops down into the 40’s then it becomes a different story, and we all know that there is all kinds of clothing to help keep us warm, but the fact is that with each layer, each thicker pair of socks, gloves, jackets, head gear ect. Motorbike riding becomes different. All this takes away from the enjoyable feeling of riding in lighter Motorbike riding gear.

When the temperature drops down into the 40’s or below a person has to have some really good riding gear to make the riding experience still enjoyable. The hardest things I found was to keep warm my hands and feet. And if you are the same then you will want to try out a new piece of Motorbike riding gear, “Knuckle Warmers”. Adding a pair of knuckle warmers to your riding gear will make your cold weather riding experience more enjoyable.

The added protection the knuckle warmer provides will allow the rider to still use and enjoy the comfort of a lighter pair of leather gloves. I know there are good winter riding gloves on the market, even heated gloves, but I found that each time I wore a pair of thicker gloves my hands would cramp up or I could not hit the correct buttons on the Motorbike handlebars. I have tried a little bit of everything on the market and I always find that the fingers in one glove were to short or to long. I bought a pair of heated gloves and later I found that the thumb had melted.

The reason I like this Motorbike accessory is I can still see all the controls on the Motorbike handlebars! Your hands appear as going into and out of a pocket.

I found them very easy to use and found that I would install the knuckle warmers onto the Motorbike instead of changing into a pair of heavy gloves. The simple design makes it easy and fast to install, easy to store along with other Motorbike gear. Adds a lot of protection for the rider’s hands from wind and rain.

I have been riding Motorbikes for over 30 years. Finding a good and simple product that makes riding comfortable and enjoyable will help me continue my riding experience. And we all know that if a person is alert while riding then it is also safer.

I am rider since I remember myself ( 8-10yrs old). Motorbikes are my love and style of living. I have some ideas to share with you. Keep tuned on motorbike gear info

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