CARL FOGARTY – World Superbike Champion – RETIRES

carl fogarty retires photo
Photo by henley_regatta

In a joint announcement, Ducati and Carl Fogarty wish to announce that the four time World Superbike Champion is to retire from motorcycle racing.

In a joint announcement, Ducati and Carl Fogarty wish to announce that the four time World Superbike Champion is to retire from motorcycle racing.

Recent tests at Mugello, Italy at the start of this week, in which Carl rode a Ducati 996 to check on his physical condition, unfortunately confirmed that the time had come to retire from motorcycle racing.

Carl encountered considerable difficulty in maintaining a correct racing position on the bike and is no longer able to ride in a natural way.

“I’m a long way away from being in the condition I hoped to be in. Even if I speed up rehabilitation work, I don’t think I will be able to reach the necessary performance level to be competitive enough next season”, declared Carl after the test on Tuesday.

“I would just not be competitive enough and I would no longer have the chance of going for victory. I have had a fantastic career and I can be very satisfied with what I have done for motorcycling. I don’t think I have to demonstrate anything else.

“The time has now come to have the strength to leave racing. I knew that it would come sooner or later. I want to do it now and leave everyone with the memory of a victorious Foggy, with number 1 on my Ducati”.

Professor Andrew Carr, backed up by Dr Fabio Catani, Ducati’s chief medical adviser, gave his authoritative view of Carl Fogarty’s medical condition: “Carl Fogarty suffered a serious injury to his left shoulder. The upper part of the arm bone was broken into a number of fragments and required surgical fixation with a plate and screws.

“He also suffered extensive damage to the muscles and soft tissues around the shoulder. The fracture fragments have joined but he is left with considerable weakness and stiffness in the shoulder.

“This injury will leave him with permanent weakness and loss of movement. He has undergone an extensive rehabilitation programme but is not at the present capable of returning to motor cycle racing”.

Fogarty’s retirement marks the end of an extraordinary period that has seen the Blackburn-born rider and Ducati victorious throughout the world. His career has been an unforgettable one and will remain in the memory of all those who have had the opportunity to see ‘King Carl’ in action.

Despite his retirement from racing, Carl Fogarty and Ducati will continue to work together. The living legend of Superbike will remain a testimonial for Ducati throughout the world with a series of initiatives, which will be defined in the next few months.

Carl Fogarty will be pleased to meet journalists on Friday 13th October during the final round of the 2000 World Superbike Championship at Brands Hatch, in a press conference at the Ducati hospitality unit.