BMF & Crimestoppers Motorcycle Scooter Anti-Theft Award


Following on from the BMF’s highly successful Don’t Be a Loser‚ anti-theft initiative launched in May of last year, the BMF, in conjunction with Crimestoppers, have now introduced the BMF/Crimestoppers Motorcycle & Scooter Anti-Theft Award.

This is an award scheme designed to recognise the sterling work done by individual police officers in tackling bike crime. It will be made to the officer who, in the opinion of the judges, has made the most
significant contribution to the reduction of motorcycle/scooter theft at street level.
With such thefts running at a replacement value estimated by the BMF to be a nearly three million pounds every week, a motorcycle or scooter is
now stolen every 16 minutes. That’s 34,000 machines stolen every year, 60% of which are scooters.

Launching the award scheme, BMF Chief Executive Simon Wilkinson said: “Working with Crimestoppers, this award marks a further step in our anti-theft campaign initiative and rewards those officers who have impressed us with their dedication to stamping out bike crime. This recognises those who’ve gone that extra mile‚ to get a result.

To be presented later in the year, the BMF funded award consists of £250.00 and a certificate of appreciation, the award money to be spent specifically on improving the ant-theft scheme with which the winner is associated.

During the past twelve months the BMF has distributed over 100,000 Don’t Be A Loser Leaflets‚ to police forces throughout the UK and has also introduced a Stolen Bikes Register (, where theft victims can submit details directly on line.

Anyone with information is directed to the confidential Crimestoppers telephone number 0800 555 111, which is displayed on every page.