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Many of you have heard of Ride to Work Day. Well how many of you have heard about “Forget Work and Lets Ride Day”? It takes place on the last Wednesday in June every year and it is a one day biker Holiday, where everyone who rides a Motorcycle ditches work and goes out riding for the day. The Event was “Officially” made a Biker Holiday on Wednesday June 29th 2011 on Long Island in NY. It comes from the mind of Long time Biker Rights Activist, Freelance Writer on the Biker Lifestyle, Biker Radio Show Host and one of the owners of the Skull Gear Apparel Inc ( Clothing Line “Your Bro LJ James” (

The idea for “Forget Work and Let’s Ride Day” came in 2010 when after losing his license for over 90 days on the last day of June 2010 (a Wednesday), LJ got his License back. When LJ went to get on his Motorcycle and ride to work, His Bro Big Tom Berg saw him and asked “We going Riding”? LJ replied I can’t, I got to go to work ! To which Big Tom said some thing that sounded real Similar to “Forget Work and Lets Ride” after thinking about it for a few seconds LJ said OK .

It was one of the best rides ever. LJ James and Big Tom Berg spent hours riding all over Long Island, NY stopping to Hang out in Montauk, NY for Lunch. The Two Bro’s experienced a perfect day of Riding and Biker Brotherhood ! About a Month later on August 7th 2010 Big Tom Berg was killed while riding when a car hit him from behind. [I:]

After Big Toms Death all LJ James could think of was of how close he had been to not taking that ride with Big Tom Berg that last Wednesday in June, LJ had though as many of us do there would be many other chances to ride with his Bro Big Tom in the Future.

That is the reason LJ James decided to declare the last Wednesday in June every Year a Biker Holiday, where every person who rides a Motorcycle (No matter what Brand it may be) puts everything they may have to do aside and spends the day out riding with his or her fellow Motorcycle Riders stopping at a local tourist area for Lunch and to relax and then after a full day of Riding ending the day at a cool Biker Friendly Bar. The perfect one day Biker Holiday.

This Ride and day is to spend with those we love to ride with, Those we have not yet had the chance to ride with and in Memory of those we will never get to ride with again ! [I:]

Forget work and Lets Ride Day is an idea and there are no rules to the day other then get out there and Ride! The hope is that Motorcycle Riders all over the World will step up and organize Forget Work and Lets Ride Day runs in their area, All too often we put off taking that ride with our Bro’s and Friends for one of many reasons, Well this is the day to Forget everything else and just go out riding!

( In case of Rain go to work and take the next Sunny day off and go Riding )

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