Aprilia SR 50 R Factory and SR 50 R Scooters

Uncompromising racing design, the most advanced scooter technology and unrivalled performance and handling have always defined Aprilia’s SR 50. Now, the world’s only real race replica scooter has raised the performance and technology stakes further with its exciting new range of SR 50 teen-dream sports scooters: the Aprilia SR 50 R Factory and the SR 50 R.

Aprilia SR 50 R Factory Scooter

Aprilia SR 50 R Factory
Aprilia’s SR 50 R Factory gets the second generation, super-clean and reliable ‘Ditech’ fuel injected two-stroke engine, which combines with the more compact air filter and new exhaust system to further reduce the already super-low fuel consumption. This means the capacious 7-litre tank allows long periods without refueling – you can easily do 300km on a full tank! It also burns 60% less oil than a carburetted engine, while smoke and soot are non-existent.

The Active Matrix digital-analogue instrument panel is even more sophisticated than Aprilia’s top sports motorcycle, the RSV 1000 R Factory’s unit, with a digital display that incorporates the functions of an on-board computer. The unit acts as a terminal for the engine electronics and provides diagnostic functions never seen before on a 50cc scooter.

Indeed, the SR 50 R resembles Aprilia’s RSV 1000 R in both looks and technical development. The big bike characteristics include large diameter wheels, super-low profile tyres and high tech suspension. The streamlined leg-shield, powerful twin headlights, central air intake, and aerodynamic tail with integrated tail light and indicators are just like those found on Aprilia’s flagship sportsbike.

The low profile, motorcycle-style 130/60 tyres are fitted to 13” wheels, a combination that would more than suit engines far bigger than 50cc and that results in great road holding in all conditions. Safety and control are further enhanced by super-efficient brakes, which include two 190mm discs for maximum stopping power.

The SR 50’s already unbeatable straight line and cornering stability has been further improved by an optimised weight distribution and brand new, exceptionally rigid frame. Steering is precise and handling is incredibly agile.

It may be race ready, but the R Factory still offers all the ease and comfort of a scooter, and much more. The overall riding position is designed for maximum control and comfort, while the specially shaped seat prevents fatigue on long rides. A new leg shield extends further forward than on previous models to improve weather protection. The classic under-seat storage compartment already offered more than enough room for a full-face helmet, and now it comes with a second compartment in the nose of the seat. This provides more than a litre of extra space for stowing mobile phones and other small items.

The SR 50 R Factory is equipped with the RSV 1000’s state-of-the-art anti-theft device, which consists of an ignition immobiliser that makes it impossible to start the engine without the encoded ignition key.

The SR 50 R Factory is available in three aggressively eye-catching new colours that replicate the 2005 RSV 1000 graphics: Aprilia Black, Silver and Yellow with a limited edition model in racing blue and white. All this is included in the price of just £1,999 on the road.

Aprilia SR 50 R

Aprilia SR 50 R Factory Race Replica Scooter

Aprilia’s SR 50 R has an identical chassis with all the quality, comfort and performance of the Factory. It differs only in that its liquid cooled, two-stroke engine is fed by a carburettor fuel system, it has no security transponder and it gets digital-analogue instruments with LCD display. Available in new for 2006 colours Aprilia Black, Silver and Yellow. The SR 50 R sells at an incredible £1,699 on the road.

Aprilia SR 50: A Brief History
Aprilia created a whole new market segment when it first launched its SR 50 sports scooter in 1992. It has sold more than 800,000 units, accumulating a number of firsts along the way:

1992: first ever sports scooter
1993: first ever race replica scooter
1994: first ever sports scooter with liquid cooling
1997: first ever scooter with two disc brakes
1999: first ever 50cc scooter with electronic fuel injection.

The latest technological developments ensure the SR 50 remains the undisputed class leader.

In June 2005, Aprilia’s SR 50 R was voted winner of the ‘best on test’ 50cc scooter comparison test in Britain’s leading consumer magazine, Which?

New! Special Insurance Deal
Aprilia is now offering an outstanding insurance deal for 16-24-year-olds on its 50cc scooters, with Third Party only insurance costing just £49. Third Party Fire and Theft is available at the subsidised rate of £149 for the SR 50 and Mojito 50 (£249 for the Sonic 50).

Be quick, offer ends 30 April 2006.

For an Aprilia scooter brochure call 01293 823891 or visit www.aprilia.com