Acu Clarifies Renewal Off Road Licenses

Auto-Cycle Union (ACU)

The ACU would like to clarify the confusion over the renewal of off road licences which were extended for six months


The ACU would like to clarify the confusion over the renewal of off road licences which were extended for six months. The extension was given in recognition of the loss of competition during the foot and mouth crisis.

Suzi Mewes, PR Officer at the ACU explains: “The ACU was determined to ensure members did not loose out financially because of the lack of events in 2001. However, it is now clear that a well intended initiative to extend licences by six-months did not recognise the full complexity of doing so.”

“This article, along with the one in the ACU magazine, is intended to clarify the situation for officials and competitors alike.”

The extension has created two issues which the ACU need to deal with now to prevent any further confusion. Firstly, we need to bring all licences back within our annual renewal system and secondly we need to be able to upgrade licences mid-season.

After consultations a solution has been reached. All licences issued in 2003 will expire December 31st 2003. In order to upgrade, we need to issue licences now. The ACU has reduced the licence fee by 50% for those off roaders who held a licence in 2001.

The concession is for those who have renewed in 2003 and whilst we recognise there may be one or two of our members who would not wish to renew we must ensure the system is easy to understand and above all workable.

It must be stressed that competitors with an extended licence will not lose the original six-month concession. The fees for renewal have been set at £22.50 which is made up as follows:

£10.00 Yearly affiliation fee

£12.50 Licence fee (Half of the normal £25.00)

All off-road licences need to be renewed now. Enduro and adult Grass Track licences are, however, not subject to re-grading and may elect to renew between 1st January 2003 and 30 June 2003.

Any club official or rider seeking further clarification should contact Kevin Tubby by e-mail at or by telephone on 01788 566 422.

The ACU hopes this clarifies the situation and prevents any further confusion.