A Scooter Might Fill Your Motorcycle Need

scooter photo
Photo by flatworldsedge

Thinking of getting a motorbike for getting around town? For most people, the first thought would be a motorcycle. Riding a motorcycle is most definitely the “in” thing to do these days.

Riding a motorcycle is possibly one of the most pleasurable means of transportation. Getting on the bike and hitting the road is like an instant holiday. Leave your troubles behind, feel the sun on your face and the wind at your back. It’s about the closest you’ll get to heaven on earth. There’s just something about being in the open air. When riding a motorcycle, you’re more in touch with everything and everyone. You often take the back roads, explore new paths and enjoy the day to the fullest.

And riding a motorcycle is certainly less expensive than driving a car. No matter what kind of car you drive, with petrol prices increasing, the saving is significant. Motorbike insurance comes a lot cheaper than car insurance too.

But motorcycles are pricey, with some costing as much as a luxury car. Would you ever consider a scooter instead? Scooters have a different design and a different wheel base, and are considered a subclass of the motorcycle. They share many of the same benefits. They’re not considered to be as “macho” and if you’re the Harley or Gold Wing type, you’re probably laughing by now.

Consider some of the benefits before you totally write off the idea of a scooter. First, they’re just as much fun to ride as a motorcycle, just different. Scooters cost much less than most motorcycles, making them very affordable. There are many sizes and models. Finding the one that fits your style and pocketbook will not be a problem. Call a few motorcycle insurance companies to make sure their quote is part of your cost analysis.

One of the larger, more powerful scooters may be your choice if you’ll be taking long rides or driving frequently on the freeways. There are plenty of scooters that will satisfy your need for power if that’s what you’re looking for. A smaller scooter may be just what you want if you’ll be traveling short distances in light traffic. In some countries, the smaller scooters don’t require a special driver’s license. Be sure to check to be certain of the regulations.

Scooters can be easier to drive as well. They are automatic, so no need to shift gears. Getting on and off the scooter is also easier for most. Most scooters have storage under the seat with the possibility of an additional storage container for the back, so there will be lots of room to pack your gear.

You wil have noticed the difference in how people react to you if you’ve had the opportunity to ride both a motorcycle and a scooter. It may be a stereotype, but many people are still intimidated by motorcyclists, thinking perhaps of the motorcycle gangs of the past. There is a completely different reaction to a scooter rider. People smile and wave, treating you like a friend. Somehow, the difference in reactions doesn’t seem right, but that’s how it is.

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