5 Tips on How to Cut Motorcycle Repair Costs

The cost of maintaining your bike can be significant depending on the type of servicing, bike part replacement, insurance coverage or fuel economy required. These costs are unpredictable because they are heavily influenced by factors such as soaring fuel prices, road taxes, congestion charges, insurance and parking road tools. Bike owners are aware that the older their bike becomes the higher the maintenance cost will be if they want to keep it on the road.

You can also experience unplanned repair costs such as a punctured tyre, broken gear box or leakage of radiator water. Taking your bike to the mechanic or a garage can be a daunting experience. Especially when you are unaware about how your bike works and unsure of how a mechanic will repair it. But establishing a good relationship with your mechanic can help you, especially when it comes to reducing your bike expenses.

Here are 5 tips how a motorcycle mechanic can help you cut costs:

Do your homework

Search for a suitable mechanic by asking family and friends. Once you decide upon a mechanic then stick to him. By using the same mechanic for all your repairs, he will become familiar with the mechanics of your bike and provide a fast repair experience. A quick diagnosis of what is wrong with your bike will lead to addressing the issue quickly, which will reduce your final bill. Reliable and trustworthy mechanics will not misguide you or charge you extra for the repairs.


If you stick to one mechanic for all your servicing and repair issues, he will be familiar with your driving habits and the condition of the bike. He will be in a better position to provide you with feedback and recommendations for your bike. He can provide tips on ensuring fuel economy which will reduce running costs. With sufficient knowledge and expertise the mechanic will be able to provide you with relevant information concerning your bike.

Providing Bike Parts Directly from Manufacturers

If the mechanic purchases bike parts from a third-party retailer, he will be forced to pay a certain amount of commission to the retailer. As a result he will have to charge you extra on your final bill. Instead, if he approaches the bike part dealer directly, he wouldn’t have to pay any extra money to third-party retailer. Eventually you will be charged less. Also when mechanics order in bulk from manufacturers they will avoid costs which otherwise would be charged to them and then passed on to you in your final bill. Here are some more tips on how to cut costs.

Trained & Experienced Workers

Your mechanic will have a group of other skilled mechanics who specialise in various parts of the bikes. By selecting a good mechanic who has the relevant expertise to deal with the issue, will result in fast repairs of your bike as compared to an individual who has low expertise. It’s also worthwhile ensuring your mechanic is covered by insurance too. Your mechanic can also educate you on how your bike operates. It always isn’t suitable to go to your mechanic for every small issue which otherwise can be dealt with if you had basic information. For example in order to avoid your bike from heating, your mechanic can advice you on how to check the water and coolant level in the radiator.

Bulk Orders

Mechanics can focus on ordering in bulk for bike parts rather than individual orders as per customer needs. This will not only reduce costs at his end but you will also be able to benefit from a cost-effective experience. Most of the time, bike owners are concerned about reliability and durability of bike parts. An efficient bike performance heavily depends upon genuine and legitimate bike parts, therefore it is important that your mechanic purchases from a trustworthy vendor.

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