Motorcycle Racing

Motorcycle Racing Leathers are different from regular Full Motorcycle Leathers. Racing leathers are often 1 Piece Motorcycle Leathers and often come in much brighter colors than regular leathers. The entire point of racing leathers are for full-body protection in the event of a fall, which happens more than anyone would like to admit.

If you are into Motorcycle Racing you would definitely understand that having to purchase another Jacket is much less of a price to pay than losing a limb or scraping all your skin off after an accident.

One of the key things to look for in Motorcycle Racing Leathers is superior protection. Many jackets and suits are coming with Kevlar now. Kevlar is basically an extremely strong and durable synthetic fiber that is also used a lot in Military Equipment as well as cable construction.

Some have Kevlar in the shoulders and other common points of impact such as the crotch and back. If a jacket or suit doesn’t have Kevlar, make sure it has some other form of impact and scrape protection. Another thing to look for is heavy-duty mesh inserted around the leathers to ensure good ventilation. Nobody wants to be cooking in their leathers while trying to race.

Good design and crafting are very important as well. Motorcycle Racing Leathers are expensive, so you don’t want to be buying them more often than necessary. Thick leather is a good quality indicator. Also look for metal zippers of a good brand. This will ensure smooth operation and less chance of them getting stuck or breaking. Check the seams, see if they are double or triple stitched. This makes them more rip-resistant and they take daily wear and tear better.

A quality check before purchase will ensure you will enjoy your racing leathers for a long time.

The great thing is that there are lots of quality Motorcycle Leather Clothing and styles of these offered on the market as well as on the internet, and you can have your pick of colors. If you have a signature color you like wearing to the races so everyone knows who you are, you can find it on a suit or jacket. You can even get custom designed and colored racing suits and jackets from certain companies, such as Vanson.