Shoei J-Cruise Brilliant Shine Red-Special Order

Shoei has announced the introduction of the Shoei J-Cruise, an all-new, high-end, open-face helmet incorporating Shoei's advanced, race-bred technology and innovative design features. The Shoei J-Cruise is designed to offer the ultimate in comfort, with particular attention paid to easy fitment and removal. It incorporates an extended, flip-up visor, which fits precisely with the shell to minimise wind noise and maintaining optimum anti-fog performance. Enhanced ventilation system with a single adjustable upper air intake and twin rear outlets. The exterior design makes full use of Shoei's aerodynamic expertise, optimising air flow both over and through the helmet in order to maintain helmet stability and comfort at all speeds and in all conditions.


Enduro 2T Born to improve performance on 2 strokes street bikes, Enduro 2T ("2T" means 2 strokes) exhausts are made with a muffler and a silencer. Muffler is made with several sections, manually coupled, welded and checked to ensure a good torque increase from lower rpm. Muffler is treated with transparent paint, to protect and enlight these features. Depending on model, silencer is available in kevlar, carbon fibre or aluminium. Enduro 2T systems are available in racing and street legal version, depending on exhaust. | – Fits/Covers the following. This part ONLY fits the models listed below : DERBI DRD 50 – 2006-ON – D50B0 MOTOR, DERBI SENDA DRD 50 – 2006-ON – D50B0 MOTOR, SPARES